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How to make Yummy Easy Almond Milk

Updated: May 24, 2018

Almond milk is delicious, easy, quick and fun to make, and there are many variations that I’m excited to share with you and it has many health benefits. It’s high in Vitamin E and D. Its low in carbs which makes it great for people needing to maintain their blood sugar levels. It also ensures you body receives enough potassium which, amongst other benefits, helps maintain normal blood pressure.

So, the first think you do is take the amount of almonds you want to make almond milk out of and soak them for 8-12 hours. Any amount will do. When making the milk its anywhere between a 1:1 and 1:4 ratio depending on how thick or thin you like your almond milk. I just put my almonds in a mason jar and cover with water before going to bed and let them soak over night.

In the morning, there is usually, a little bit of a milky hue to the water the almonds are soaking in. This is normal.

Next, add the almonds and water into a blender, preferably a high speed blender, and blend on highest speed for several minutes.

Next, set up a pitcher with a strainer on top and begin to pour blended almonds and water mixture through the strainer into the pitcher, stirring to help sift the liquid through the almond pulp.

Stir pulp in strainer til all the liquid has run out:

You will be left with the almond pulp in your strainer. You can either discard the pulp, or you can save the pulp. There are many raw food recipes that use the almond pulp leftover from almond milk. You can find other recipes online.

The almond milk is best if its twice strained, using a finer strainer the 2nd time. In this round, you can use either the strainer with muslim cloth over the time, or a muslim cloth bag. You can find them in health food stores, they are sold as cloth vegetable bags:

Drape the bag open over a second pitcher and pour 1st strained milk into the bag:

Then milk the bag into the pitcher!:

When you are done milking the almond milk through the bag, you will be left with a second pile of finer almond pulp. You can discard this.

And VOILA!!:


1 Cup Almonds

1-3 cups water

Combine all in blender. Blend in blender on high speed for several minutes. Strain mixture through a metal strainer. Keep or discard the leftover pulp. Strain the mixture a 2nd time through a finer mesh strainer. Voila!

Variations: add a smidge and a pinch of any combinations of these ingredients:

A bit of fresh banana, a date, a pinch of salt, a capful of vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, a capful of rosewater etc.


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