Yes, we are open.


After a long pandemic pause, Radiant Massage is thrilled to announce that I am starting to open my doors again.

I am now open to all returning and new clients. My current primary focus for new clients is massage for Women, especially Pregnant Women, &  Couples. 

I would also like to announce two new services I am offering:


  • Mindfulness & Embodiment Coaching  (Not Massage)-                                                                                                Lakshmi DelSesto is a somatically trained MindBody Therapy & relationship coach. Her practice is called Radiant You Coaching. In Radiant You Coaching Lakshmi helps people develop and maintain an authentic loving relationship with their own sweet selves through somatic, mindfulness, loving-kindness, and compassion-based methods including creative musical expression. For more info, please inquire directly with her, or visit her Facebook Page.

For more information on either of this offerings please click on the titles


It is my joy and pleasure to assist you 

Currently we are requesting staff and clients to wear masks entering the appointment. Vaccinated folks have the option of removing their mask while face down and replacing it while face up. Unvaccinated folks need to wear mask for entire visit. Staff will wear mask entire visit. I am continuing to hold these protocols even though the mask mandate has been lifted, to preserve the health of all my clients, since I spend a long time in a closed room with each client. There is also a high quality air purifier present.
We are asking all clients if you are experiencing any flu or cold symptoms (even if not Covid), or fever, or have potentially been exposed to a person with Covid, even if
 vaccinated, to refrain from coming into the office. Rescheduling for a more suitable day.
Thank you!

Release, Relax, Unwind

About Lakshmi and her Healing approach


Treat yourself to a love-soaked ritual of nurturing and hands on healing.

A radiant massage.

I have been a massage therapist since 1996, graduating from the Maui School of Therapeutic Massage. I have engaged in many other body-centered healing modalities since then and enjoy offering an intuitive integrated approach from all I have learned to the massage sessions I currently offer. 

Often more than just a massage, my healing touch and warm spacious presence offer an opportunity for deep healing and a place of refuge for heart and soul. Through the simple practice of abdominal breathing, I can help guide my massage clients into states of deep presence and relaxation.


Within this awareness much can be revealed and healed. Long held patterns stored in muscles and body have an opportunity to unwind and be released. Throughout the massage, as we drop deeper into presence, these old mental and physical patterns can be gracefully and effortlessly released from the body. This releaseng of old life patterns allows for newer and healthier pathways to be discovered and strengthened. And our original radiance uncovered and renewed.


I am currently seeing clients in my Marin County based office in a convenient location near the San Anselmo hub, and I also offer outcalls to established clients for an additional charge. 

I look forward to meeting you and serving you in the way that best suits your needs….

The body is sustained by altars to the radiant nectar of life.

 ~ The Radiant Sutras


Whether you are in need of a deep muscle massage, a deeper massage-centered healing, or a simple nurturing relaxing massage, Radiant Massage is always a refuge from the hectic world, a sanctuary of healing and a homecoming of heart and soul. Please review the detailed descriptions of the different styles of massage that are available to you in my practice.


It is always such an honor and a delight to meet the special needs of a women with child. As her body is going through so many changes, it is under a lot more stress and pressure. Massage is an excellent way to assist a woman during her pregnancy to feel more comfortable both physically and emotionally.


Please see my menu of services, service prices, ADD-ON service options, and some other massage policies and possibilites


A massage based session combining the healing modalities of conscious attuned touch, somatic inquiry and mindful awareness. 


San Anselmo Location:

130 Greenfield Ave Suite C

San Anselmo, CA 94960

(Acupuncture of Marin Office)

Office Hours:

Monday       1pm-8pm

Tuesday       11am-8pm

Wednesday  2:30pm-8pm

Thursday     11am-8pm

Friday         10am-6pm

Saturday     11am-6pm

Sunday        Closed

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