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Female Music Artist

Somatic Singing

Working with people one-on-one is a great joy. I love assisting people in finding their unique voice and letting it fly free. 

I focus on technique and skill and also creative artistry.

I help people sing from a more embodied place. In this way, singing anything becomes a form of self-healing, because one IS connected to oneself on a body level.


Things that may happen in a Somatic Singing lesson with me:

• Sing more fully, more passionately and more in control of your pitch and volume

•Learn techniques to help with anxiety of performing or recording.

•Gain confidence in singing with a microphone

•Learn to step onto stage, let go of fear, and drop into pure freedom of expression

•Learn to choose songs to sing that can connect with your heart and work with the range and style of singing that's unique to you

Please inquire about pricing and availability and anything else you may have questions about. 


Radiant Voice Program

I am currently in the process of writing a curriculum of work focusing on the profound gift and often untapped resource of our voice. This will include work around our voices on all levels, from singing in the shower, to speaking up for ourselves in romantic relationships, from singing in front of others, to using our voice to stand for what we value in the world. This program is about standing up, speaking up and singing out. It is about fully occupying our hearts, our bodies, our lives, and using the vehicle of our voice not only to express that freedom, but to help us arrive there. 


.....and if interested please inquire anytime


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